Congratulations on choosing RMK MOTORS, Gaura Electric Vehicles brand scooter joining the hands to achieve green mobility. Now you own a cart which is 90% less polluting as compared with petrol bike. We committed to building these bikes with the best quality parts mainly in the battery, charger, motor, and controller. This type of scooter does not need a license to ride but we strongly recommend the rider to take necessary training and know about this bike to have a pleasant journey. By proper charging, servicing, and following the directions as mentioned in the user manual, you have a pleasure of a smooth ride with economical and also with less pollution.


We as a promoter begin our green mobility travel in 2011 with knowledge of electric bike and its key components. As of now battery-operated vehicles has become the alternative mobility solution for petrol-driven vehicles with less maintenance and low operating cost. Our vision is to supply bikes with superior quality and give the best after-sales service. Gaura Electric Vehicles works to maintain a good relationship with customers through our dealer network by supporting their service and spares needs for their bike. Our bike design will meet the customer requirement and give comfort ride for all age groups.